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About the Company

Sterling Powergensys Limited (SPL)

  • Sterling Powergensys Limited (SPL), incorporated in 1984, is a BSE-listed company serving various industries.
  • We are a technology-driven company, offering tailor-made innovative solutions for client-specific needs.
  • Office in Dubai, with a Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone license, facilitating Merchant Exports of Sugar, Wheat, and Rice to Sri Lanka, South & West Africa.
  • Technology and Innovation

    Technology Overview

    Utilizes PEM electrolyzers from reputable manufacturers for water electrolysis. Electricity from a 60 MW DC Solar PV Power plant powers the process.

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    Renewable Energy Integration

    Reduces reliance on fossil fuels for sustainable production.

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    High Purity

    Produces 99.99% pure hydrogen without carbon emissions.

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    Easily scalable production based on demand.

    Innovation and Scalability


    Adoption of renewable energy aligns with global decarbonization trends.

    Phased approach

    Phased approach demonstrates scalability and product diversification..


    Potential for further scalability and market expansion in the renewable energy sector.

    Market Outlook


    The Global Green Hydrogen Market Size

    Global clean energy drive and tech innovations make green hydrogen key for decarbonizing tough sectors and ensuring sustainability

    India's renewable energy fuels green hydrogen growth, targeting 5 MMTPA production by 2030, with established infrastructure supporting exports and import substitution.
    Source: Precedence Research

    Key Growth Drivers

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    Decarbonization Drive

    Green hydrogen provides a clean substitute for fossil fuel-based production methods.

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    Government Backing

    Policies and incentives worldwide foster the growth of the hydrogen economy.

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    Technological Progress

    Enhanced electrolysis efficiency and cost reductions enhance competitiveness.

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    Expanding Clean Energy Demand

    Green hydrogen finds use in transportation, power, and industry amid rising demand for clean solutions.

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    Target Market-India

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    Current Hydrogen Demand

    6.5 MTPA, driven by refineries, fertilizer & ammonia industries in the western region.

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    Expected Growth

    The Indian Green Hydrogen Market Size is projected to grow to $12.33 Bn by 2032 at a CAGR of 11.1%.

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    Projected Demand:

    Up to 11 MTPA in 2030 and up to 24 MTPA in 2040.

    Why India

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    Strategic Energy Independence

    Green hydrogen reduces reliance on energy imports, enhancing India's energy security and reducing vulnerability to geopolitical uncertainties.

    Environmental Protection

    By shifting towards green hydrogen, India can significantly mitigate environmental degradation and address climate change concerns by reducing carbon emissions.

    Government Initiatives

    Government initiatives, such as the National Hydrogen Mission, are driving the development of green hydrogen, fostering innovation, and supporting India's transition to a sustainable energy future.

    Global Leadership and Competitiveness

    India can boost its global position, attract investment, and seize opportunities in the growing hydrogen economy by leading in green hydrogen production and export.