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Sterling Powergensys Limited:

Founded in 1984, Sterling Powergensys Ltd.(SPL) is a BSE listed company which began its journey by manufacturing Industrial Boilers and Thermal Power Plants up to 10 MW. Due to the dedication and ethical practices, the modest beginning gradually attained the rich engineering heritage of over 30 years. Always in step with the world sensibility, the Company decided to share its responsibility towards the environment in 2009, made its foray into the Renewable Energy sector, namely, Solar PV EPC field. As the demand for Renewable Energy increased across the world, SPL developed affordable Solar Solutions, both in Solar Products and Solar EPC projects from 1KW onwards.

Our Belief:

At the core of the Company’s growth has been our conviction that by producing Energy, we are contributing to the growth of our country and the benefits of harnessing the Sun for energy production will be reaped by many generations to come.


Solar PV integrated systems ranging from 250W to 100KW, for Roof top and Agricultural Sector, are designed for – Water Pumping, Homes of Weaker sections of Society, Systems for Flat/Inclined Roofs for Homes, Offices and Commercial Establishments, having 25 years of assured life.

Careers :

Here is your chance to join this movement in a meaningful way, and in the process, give wings to your

Be a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) of Sterling Powergensys Ltd:

As a DSA, you will represent the Company in the Geography of your current business. You can chart your growth plans , with full support from M/s SPL, by providing you with full Technical Support to your end customer for the assured life of 25 years.

Entrepreneurial aspirations and grow your business.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Basic Qualification : Degree / Diploma in Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical Engineering / Chemical Engineering / BTech.

  • Experience: 2 years minimum as an Entrepreneur dealing with Electrical, Electronics, or Engineering Products, be it Sales or Service.
    Have a Showroom dealing in Electronics, White Goods, Electricals, or Solar Products.
    Have an Enterprise providing Products / Sales / Service to Customers in the areas of Electricals, White Goods, Solar Products.

  • Location: Geography of Your current Business.

  • Financial Security: Fixed Deposit of Rs 3 Lakh in your bank account in your name. The DSA needs to create a Lien on the FD in favor of m/s SPL for 2 years, & place the FD receipt with M/s SPL for a Period of 2 years. The FD is against any damage to products during handling, & commissioning.

Company Contribution:

Product Knowledge, Training, and Renewable Energy Products.

You will be supported with all Technical details including drawings, Promotional Activities and Material.

Your Responsibility:

Scope – 1 :

  • 1) The System will be sold as per price list provided by M/s SPL.

Scope – 2 (A) :

  • 1) Provide Technical guidance to the Customer for Installation & Commissioning.

  • 2) Complete Testing & Commissioning as per guidelines of M/s SPL, and get the Commissioning Report signed by the customer

Scope – 2 (B) :

If Paid Service is asked for, by the Customer.

  • 1)Provide Paid Service to Customer in Site Erection consisting of Civil Footing including materials, Module structure erection, Panel Mounting, Cabling, and Earthing.
    SPL to provide the above service

  • 2)Provide Maintenance Contract, on an annual basis, throughout the Warranted life of the System, consisting of 1 visit per month or whenever the Customer calls for Service.
    SPL to provide this service

  • 3)The Original Signed Receipts and Warranty Cards issued to the end customer must be handed over to M/s SPL to service the assured life of 25yrs with 5 years warrantee, in case of not providing the Service under pt.2 above.

Your Earnings

Scope – 1 :

  • Quantity or Value based Commission will be paid on the basis of performance. Details of the said earnings have been provided in the attached price list.

Scope – 2 (A) :

  • 1) 4% Service Charges on Basic Value of the product installed, for providing free services.

Scope – 2 (B) :

  • Customer pays you charges for Paid Services as defined.
    Customer pays you Charges for Annual Maintenance/Service of the System, throughout the warranted life, as detailed.

How To Apply

1) Apply giving full details, 2 photographs and 2 local references.

2) You should declare your willingness to make a Fixed Deposit of Rs 3 lakhs in your own account in the local bank, lien to M/S SPL by the issuing bank and place the FD receipt with Ms SPL.




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